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In 1957 a few ambitious young men from the then Tiervlei (now Ravensmead) started the TIGERS CRICKET CLUB. The founder members included the Joachims brothers, Dick Campher, Nic Louw, May brothers, Tanie Willemse,Jon Adams, J van Coller, W McDillon, Dot Alexander and Richard Kleinsmith. Chris Joachims was the first Chairman. Tiervlei was a poor area and the club could hardly afford the equipment. With no help from the white municipality, the club had to lay a gravel pitch on a sand patch on a piece of ground now known as Florida Park (now the B pitch). Players had to prepare their own pitch to play on a Saturday. The mat had to be carried from the Joachims home in the avenues (Sesde Laan) to Florida Park. No-one had transport but later we used Jon Adams’s van. Teams had to travel to matches by bus and train.

The club affiliated to the Maitland & Parow Cricket Union which as the name suggests covered the area from Parow to Maitland although Bellville, Kuilsriver, Malmesbury and Kraaifontein affiliated later.The Union was one of the biggest affiliates of the Western Province Cricket Board at that time. It was before the introduction of the Group Areas Act. There were two clubs in the Parow area, the Goodwood-Vasco area had five clubs, Elsies River had one club and Maitland had two clubs. Each club had at least three teams and there were four playing divisions. It must be noted that there was no junior cricket at that time and many youngsters played senior cricket.  A few Tigers members occupied leading positions on the Union executive and many players represented the Union in Board games. With the introduction of the Group Areas Act the Parow, Vasco and Goodwood clubs had to disintegrate and the backbone of the Union was broken. 

Tigers were not doing well in the senior divisions and lingered in the C Division. In 1963 the club took a major decision. It was decided that the club would go on a youth recruitment drive and play the youth in one team for a few years under the captaincy of Chris Joachims to start at the lowest D division. By then the outfield was covered with grass. The Van Oordt brothers, Fortuin brothers, Dan Opperman, Herbie Louw, Steve Adams & Simon Kannemeyer were recruited. The team, with a few changes, won their divisions every season and by 1967 Tigers had won its way to the A Division. The club was riding the crest of the waive in the period 1970 to 1978 and attracted good calibre players like Bapoo Pangarker, Mat Pick,Doug September and Neville Kleinsmith. We had a team that could stand up to any team in the province. We eventually won the A Division League in 1973. After several disputes with the Maitland –Parow administration, we decided to sever our ties that Union and then joined Metropolitan Cricket Union in 1974. We immediately made an impact. The “Big 8”competition was launched in 1974 where the top 8 clubs in the province competed in the first 50 over one-day tournament which was played on Sundays. We were allowed to field one guest player and Kulu Maclons helped us. We won that competition and we really established ourselves as the top club in the province.

By 1978 the W.P.C.B. decided that clubs should affiliate directly to the Board and as such “forced” club amalgamations on a regional basis. We merged with Bellville, Kuils River; and U.W.C. The unhappy marriage did not last and together with the U.W.C. players we moved to U.W.C. We attracted a new group of players from other provinces including Colin Moodaley and Danny Jordaan (World Cup soccer fame) from Eastern Province. In 1982 the students at the university decided that no sport should be played at U.W.C. in line with SACOS policies. We moved back to Florida Park and Tigers were revived. Chris Joachims, Ma Winnie Van Oordt and later Hansie Van Oordt were awarded life membership for their services to the club.

With the assistance of the Sports Board we became one of the first clubs in the Board to have a turf wicket. Our facilities were of such a standard that senior provincial matches were played at Florida Park. Crowds flocked to watch and we were really on the map. In the meantime a new breed of players joined, the Booysen brothers, Andre van Oordt, Leon Isaacs,and Anthony Coerecius came onto the scene and with Kulu now also with us as a member we again had a formidable team. Again we provided the provincial team with quite a few players. The club grew in stature and was a household name in the cricketing community. 

In 1991, with national cricket unity on the cards we took the initiative and started talks with the Parow Cricket Club. The merger deal was clinched and the launch at the Parow clubhouse was held in February 1992 immediately after the announcement of national and provincial unity. We were one of the first clubs in the country to merge across color lines. Arno Brandt was the first Chairman of the Tigers-Parow Cricket Club and a year later the Chairmanship shifted to Nick van Oordt. Both were later honored with Life Presidency. The club enjoyed Premier League status and matches were played at Florida Park and Parow. Our players had the opportunity to play against players of the caliber of Gary Kirsten, Brian McMillan and Jon Hardy. Through the loss of players we lost our playing status. In 2003 the Parow grounds were taken over by AJAX Football club and in 2004 we moved into a new clubhouse at Florida Park.

The club has always had a proud tradition of junior development. Economic hardship has made it difficult in recent years but we have brought through some exciting players. We are extremely proud of the achievements of Alfonso Thomas and Vernon Philander. We have also recently taken Ladies cricket under our wing and in this regard we are also proud of Shandré Fritz and Shabnim Ismail. Never in history has the South African Player of the Year and Ladies Player of the Year been from the same club as was achieved by Vernon and Shandré respectively in 2012. Vernon was also voted S.A. Sportsman of the Year for 2012.

More recently, the club had the honour of being crowned Club of the Year for the 2013/2014 season and was also elected as the Regional Centre of Excellence within the Western Province Cricket Association